About Workrite Ergonomics

Workrite Ergonomics has been an industry leader for 3 decades with the most advanced technologies, modern techniques, and methodologies. Learn more about them.

Workrite Ergonomics designs, manufactures, and distributes revolutionary ergonomic and space optimization products for the modern workplace and game space. The company recognizes the importance of maximizing work efficiency, productivity, and safety. Their products include sit-stand desks, keyboard trays, monitor arms, and other accessories.

Each Workrite Ergonomics product enhances dynamism, comfort, safety, and healthy posture while being simple to operate and intuitive to use. Their products can be used by anyone and adapted to any office setting, making them ideal investments.

Main Products

Workrite Ergonomics creates masterfully engineered ergonomic office products such as:

Sit-Stand Desks

The company realizes that the human body is not built to stay in one position for several hours. To maintain work efficiency, a person needs to change his position regularly. Sit-stand desks such as the Workrite Solace allow workers to smoothly shift their working position from sitting to standing while maintaining maximum support and flexibility.

Workrite Solace Single Sit To Stand Workstation

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Workrite Banana board Keyboard Tray Model 2128-22

Keyboard Trays

Adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays make typing faster, more productive, more comfortable, and less exhausting. These peripherals, such as the Workrite Banana Keyboard Tray, are sleek, versatile, fully adjustable, and easy to install, which is ideal for the modern and competitive workspace.

Monitor Arms

With Workrite Ergonomics’ monitor arms, you can easily adjust heavy, bulky, and big computer monitors. Monitor arms such as the Workrite Conform Single Articulating Monitor Arm promise maximum adjustability and versatility, enabling you to position your screen wherever you want on your desk. Properly aligned, a monitor arm can prevent musculoskeletal disorders, alleviate eye strain, and maintain a relaxed and neutral typing position.

Workrite Conform Single Articulating Monitor Arm

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Training Desks

Whether they’re new hires, trainees, or employees involved in a workshop, you would need an ideal desk in which trainers and trainees can interact together with each other better. Workrite Ergonomics Training desks are designed so that line of sight between the speaker and the trainees is maximized. Cables and CPUs can be concealed in compartments below the desk. Monitors, keyboards, and mice can be stored within the desk body.

Workrite Ergonomics Training Desks help improve training quality, and increase room utilization, and prevent theft or damage.

Other Products

In addition to the above, Workrite Ergonomics also designs and distributes innovative workplace accessories to optimize your team’s efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

  • power cable beams
  • cable management systems
  • storage and organization solutions
  • mobile tables
  • privacy screens
  • footrests
  • fatigue mats
  • CPU holders
  • task lights