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Work-life balance can start with having the right ergonomic desk. Give yourself the opportunity to experience that.
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Choosing the right keyboard could make a huge impact on your output. Make that switch now.
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Check which ergonomic mouse gives you comfort and sustainability because there's no room for injuries here.
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Get a wide variety of ergonomic chairs to fit your needs and ultimately improve productivity.
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Kinesis KB600 Advantage2 Mechanical

Five stars to Jestik for business, four stars for the keyboard.
I have liked the keyboard so far. This is my first ergonomic and mechanical keyboard, so I am not really sure what to expect.
It has been two weeks since I am using this keyboard, so still have to get used to it a bit.
some keys in thumb clusters are a bit hard to reach, and so are some other keys too.

The build-quality and overall keyboard functionality are very good. will hopefully update my review later.

Anupam Kumar

Ergotech Dual Monitor Vertical Desk Stand 130 Series

This monitor stand is a solid value. There are cheaper units out there and I have had several experiences with inexpensive stands, not good. On this stand I have two Dell U3415W 34" monitors stacked. The hardware and center post are more than sturdy enough that these monitors sit steady and solid. The model I bought is non clamping and has a generous (heavy) base that is necessary to stabilize large monitors. Good solid unit I would definitely recommend.

Kyle Woodbury

Workrite Banana board Keyboard Tray Model 2128-22

I had purchased one of these several years ago. I purchased the 22 inch ball bearing track and the platform. I like being able to switch the mouse from left to right to avoid repetitive stress injury. The design hasnt changed much at all. it is sturdy (and heavy). Compared to the old one the the front to back track moves smoothly, but raising/lowering the tray takes more force than it should. and rotation takes way too much force. I don't use this feature, but if i did it would be a deal-breaker.

Robert H

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