About Kinesis

Kinesis has been recognized as the market leader in computer ergonomics. Find out more about them and the keyboards that everyone wants to buy.


The keyboard you use to interface with your computer can make or break your experience. Top-quality ones can make you more productive, effective, and accurate in your work or play. On the other hand, poor-quality counterparts can make even the simplest tasks a nightmare to do.

You want keyboards that provide you with the best bang for your buck. If so, then Kinesis keyboards are the products you should be looking for.

About Kinesis

Kinesis Corporation is an American company based in Washington. Established in 1991, the company specializes in manufacturing revolutionary keyboards optimized for productivity, efficiency, and comfort.

Kinesis successfully launched its first product, the Model 100 contoured keyboard, in 1992. The Model 100, designed to prevent repetitive stress injury (RSI), marked a new era of ergonomic keyboard design.

Since then, Kinesis has been refining and developing innovative ergonomic keyboards for work and recreation, making them a market leader in computer ergonomics.

Main Products

Kinesis Corporation manufactures premium keyboards for Mac and Windows users.

Advantage360 Keyboards

The Advantage 360 series ergonomic keyboards are revolutionary adjustable split mechanical keyboards designed for maximum comfort and productivity. Using the latest scientific principles in ergonomics and human factor engineering. Advantage 360 keyboards are carefully designed to encourage healthy typing posture that prevents repetitive strength injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, exhaustion, and stress.

The latest technologies in wired and wireless linking, as well as keyboard programming, are incorporated in all Advantage series keyboards, making each keyboard an incredibly versatile computer peripheral.

Kinesis Advantage360 Split Ergonomic Keyboard
Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Advantage 2

The Advantage 2 series are ergonomic mechanical keyboards whose fixed split design ensures optimal productivity, efficiency, and comfort. The contoured design, concave key wells, integrated palm rests, and other features help keep a healthy typing posture while reducing ulnar deviation.

Freestyle Pro

The Freestyle Pro series are top-quality adjustable split tenkeyless mechanical keyboards for both professionals and gamers. Because the keyboard features a standard QWERTY layout, no learning curve or typing position adjustment is required. Similar to the Advantage 360 series, Freestyle Pro keyboards can be split and fully adjusted to your preference.

Freestyle Pro keyboards contain media keys, office keys, onboard programming, and other features that make work and gaming easy, enjoyable, and efficient for Mac and Windows users.

Kinesis Freestyle Pro
Kinesis Freestyle2

Freestyle 2

The Freestyle 2 series follows the outstanding design of the Freestyle Pro, being a split keyboard with a standard QWERTY layout. Top-quality low-force membrane keys do typing on the keyboard fast, accurate, and quiet. Freestyle 2 keyboards also have the same ergonomic features as the Advantage and Freestyle series---adjustable split, tenting, palm rests, and more.

The tenkeyless design makes the keyboard light and compact. However, don’t be deceived; each Freestyle 2 keyboard is packed with macros, hotkeys, and media keys, plus other features to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Other Products

Kinesis also manufactures high-quality ergonomic peripherals, such as

    • vertical mice
    • numeric keypads
    • touchpads
    • convenient foot pedals
    • accessories and parts for their products
    • refurbished products