Returns and Replacements

Returns and Replacements

We love keeping you happy and satisfied that’s why we want to make returns and replacements of our products an easy process for you.

Let’s get started.

First off, we want to tell you that we stand by the quality and durability of our products 100%. Our products go through rigorous quality tests and of course, we work closely with an expert team of designers and engineers.

Even then, we understand that there will be times when you need to have a product returned or replaced. Simple reasons such as maybe you just didn’t like the product you received, maybe it doesn’t work quite as you expected or it’s just that it’s the wrong product for you. Other times, it’s for more unfortunate reasons like maybe because of the shipping process - getting from our facility to your doorstep - the product was somehow damaged along the way. These things happen, such is life. And at Jestik, we completely take all of that into consideration.

That is why we do our best to make sure that our products come with everything possible to ensure that even after purchase, you experience the ease and flexibility of being able to enjoy easy and hassle-free returns and replacements procedure.

With Jestik products you enjoy:

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Contact us within 30 days of the receipt of your product and you will be guaranteed that you will get your money back. We will cover refunds in another section here.

Just a few essential tips regarding the 30-day returns:

You can return a product that is still in nearly-new condition, which means the product is complete with its original packaging intact (and, where applicable, item has not been used, installed, or modified), you may return the item to us, at cost to you, within a month (30 days) of your receipt of the item.

Should there be any additional fees, due to any minimum order fees or international shipping, please be informed that these are non-refundable.

Items that were made-to-order, modified, assembled, or excluded as valid for return by the manufacturers of such products however, cannot be returned.

  • Lifetime Warranty

All our products are covered with a full lifetime warranty. This means that you can have a product returned, repaired or replaced at any time after purchase, giving you the peace of mind that we will care for you and your Jestik item now and for the years to come. You can always contact us if you have any further concerns regarding your product’s warranty, please contact us at at (888) 657-4776, Monday through Friday, 9AM – 5PM PST. You may also mail us at

  • The Jestik VIP Warranty

We are committed to give you 100% satisfaction not only through the high quality of our products but through the services we provide for you after purchase.

Our VIP warranty stands for “Very Important Promise” as we are committed to provide you the best care possible even after the transaction ends.

  • Refunds

Once you have returned an item, we will fully refund your order. However, if you’re looking to replace your product with something of different value or size, there will be no refund but we will ship the replacement once we have received the returned item back. Please note that we will not be able to refund the other associated costs upon purchase such as international shipping, taxes, etc.

Some customers request for a chargeback from their credit card companies. We, however, advise not to do that as it may only further delay the refund or replacement. This is because we have to wait until the bank's mediation process has been completed, and it normally takes at long as half a year to complete.

Non-Refundable Items

We try our best to satisfy your needs and preferences, but there are certain items that you may not be able to return and we cannot process a refund. These include products that:

  1. Have no return shipping form (the actual form is part of the product’s packaging)
  2. Have been tampered with, modified, or used
  3. Is returned without its original packaging
  4. Has undergone modification or customization per client’s instructions
  5. Has missing components
  6. Has improper or erroneous return label address
  7. Has no ARN
  8. Has no tracking number

Bulk orders (5 or more pieces) or single-receipt orders amounting to at least $2,500.00 are non-refundable. To avoid any issues, we highly suggest that you place a sample order and test the product first before purchasing in bulk.

Returns with Restocking Fees

If you return a product, a minimal restocking fee will be taken from the refund. Restocking fees vary with each item, so please consult the product page for this information.

Now that you know all of that, are you ready to return your item?

Simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill out the Return Form found in your package. Make sure that you provide accurate information.
  2. Send us an e-mail informing us of the return. Indicate the order number, the item you want to send back, and contact information. See our Contact Page for our complete contact details.
  3. As soon as we receive your email, we will reply with an Authorization Return Number (ARN).
  4. Write the ARN in the Return Form.
  5. Send the product along with its original packaging, all the accompanying components, and the Return Form in the return address indicated.

NOTE: We cannot process any return request that doesn’t have the ARN, so make sure you get one from us. We normally give it within 24 hours through e-mail. If you don’t hear from us within this period, contact us right away.

We gave you the basic information above but in case you have some more burning questions in mind, here’s a few more things you might need to know.

Essential Do’s, Don’ts and Tips on Returns, Replacements, Cancellations and Exchanges

No ARN, No Refund

We’ve already mentioned this several times but we cannot emphasize it to you enough. We want to make sure that you do get your refund. Without the ARN, we simply cannot process it. Please make sure that once you send us the return form, contact us then check your email for the ARN.

Packaging of the Returned Item

Make sure that you package products and items for return with the original packaging materials, as well as the accessories it came with, inside the original box. Use the product return label, and don’t forget to write the ARN exactly as instructed.

The returned item must be in good, like-new condition and in order to do this, please DO NOT write on the box. Improper labeling can and may cause the denial of your product return or may cause excess fees or charges.

Shipping and Insurance of Returned Item

Ship the item to the address provided by Jestik using your preferred courier. You may also use any of our preferred couriers. We highly recommend that you insure your returned items. Returns that arrive to us damaged, those that are lost, will not be refunded or replaced Jestik hence, you may always file a claim with your insurer in case this happens.

Should it happen that a returned item becomes damaged while in transit to its return destination, Jestik will let the customer know via email that the said return item arrived damaged, and will hold the item for up to 1 month (30 days).

It is then the customer's duty to file a claim with the carrier that handled their return, and to instruct Jestik with the instructions for what to do with the damaged item.

If we do not receive any notification, or response, from the customer within the said period of time (30 days), the returned item will then either be donated or discarded.

Send Us Your Tracking Number

Make sure that you only use shipping carriers that provide tracking numbers for your returns. Keep these tracking numbers for records, and email this to us. We understand that you might be busy and sending us your tracking number allows us to help you track the whereabouts of your returns.

Items Not Eligible For Return

Because of the nature of some order types, standard return policies will not apply.

Please review:

  • Custom orders (i.e. items that are built-to-order, or any product marked non-returnable on the item page of the Website).
  • Any item that does not have a Return Authorization Number issued by Jestik.
  • Any item that is returned without its original box, and without sufficient packaging materials, and/or accessories.
  • Bulk orders that consist of 10 pieces or more of the same product, or those that have a dollar value bigger than $2,500.

When ordering bigger quantities, we highly recommend a sample order.

Damaged & Defective Goods Policy

We will exchange any items delivered if these are defective or damaged at no additional cost.

Should a return be desired in place of a replacement, our "Standard Return Policy" applies, and as such, please note that a restocking fee may be subtracted from the credit.

Small Parcel Deliveries- UPS and Fedex Ground

For smaller FedEx or UPS Ground deliveries that suffer from damage while in transit, please get in touch with our customer service team within 7 working days. You can find our contact details at our Contact Page. We recommend that you accept the damaged item and contact us rather than have the courier facilitate the return which may take longer and will require a more tedious procedure.

If these damages are stated within 7 days (for Fed-Ex or UPS Ground deliveries), Jestik can file a claim on your behalf, which can swiftly resolve the problem. Please note that refunds or replacements can or may be denied, should the customer fail to let us know of any damaged or defective merchandise within the allotted seven (7) business days of receipt.

It is imperative you email us with information regarding the damaged merchandise. Please do not attempt to file a claim with the courier your own. Send us an email, fill out the contact form via our Contact Page or call us with your:

  • Invoice Number
  • Product Model Number & Description of Damage (attached images of the damages in the email will help for quicker turnaround)
  • Your name, email address, and contact number

Keep the damaged item safe, and keep all of the original packaging intact. This is because in some instances, our shipping couriers might send their own staff to verify the damages.

Large Package & Pallet Deliveries- Freight Truck, White Glove Delivery

When products are shipped via freight (White Glove, L.T.L., or any other common freight and cargo service), it is the buyer’s obligation to check and inspect the items during the time of delivery. Please take note of any damage found on the delivery’s bill of lading, or on the delivery receipt, when you are signing for the delivery. Those who sign for these deliveries, and do not write "damaged" on the delivery receipt or the billing of lading, will assume responsibility should the merchandise be damaged.

Should the package appear to be a little damaged, always make it a point to write "damaged package" when signing for the delivery. Should the package appear to be heavily damaged, you have the right to refuse the delivery. The damaged package will then be coursed back to us, and we will have a new replacement delivered to you. When you decide to refuse the delivery, make sure that you notify us immediately. This is so we can expect the return shipment.

A delivery receipt or bill of lading is considered a liability release by and for the freight company delivering, unless the damage to the package is notated on these when signed for on delivery. Writing "damaged" on the delivery receipt or bill of lading, makes sure that these freight companies will be held responsible for the delivered damaged product.

If the delivery has been accepted, and you discover that parts are damaged or missing, please let us know right away. We will send you the replacement parts as soon as possible, free of charge. Since majority of freight carriers only allow us to file freight claims within 48 hours of delivery, it is imperative you inform us right away of any damages or missing parts. In the event that we cannot replace the parts, we will inform the carrier to pick up the item and we will have a replacement delivered. Make sure that all returned items need to be in their original packaging, and should come with all its original accessories.

Should you choose to not want a replacement unit or parts, the product can be returned to us governed by our standard return policy. If an item arrives damaged, or an error was made on our part, and the situation cannot be remedied with either replacement parts or a full replacement, we will shoulder the cost of returning the item to us.

Cancellation Requests

Jestik makes it a priority to ship your items as swiftly as possible, and we will make every attempt to get your order to you.

However, should you decide that you would like to cancel your order while it is already out for shipment, you simply need to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives at (888) 657-4776 or you can email us at You can also reach us via the contact form found in our Contact Page. Once our team has assessed that your item can be cancelled, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your request for a cancellation, which will be followed by another email which will either confirm the cancellation, or inform you that the cancellation did not push through. For confirmation of your cancellation, please allow up to 72 hours.

Please note that some products may have already been shipped from a manufacturer, and as such, should be on the way to the distributor for shipment to you. In these cases, cancellation fees will apply.

If we are unable to cancel your order, and these have already been shipped, please do not refuse the package. You could be charged with cancellation fees, roundtrip shipping costs and other fees. Instead, please accept the package and we recommend you to immediately return the item to make the process smoother and the refund quicker. This process would be within our hassle-free 30-day return/money-back guarantee period.

Cancelling Items on Back-Order

When cancelling an order due to backorder, we suggest you call our customer service team first. This is to verify the correctness of the date before coming to a final decision. There are instances when a manufacturer states items are back ordered, but they find that these have already shipped, or are shipping out the following day.

If a product is really unobtainable for an extended period, we sincerely apologize for any delay. Please recognize that we work with more than 200 suppliers, and are oftentimes at their mercy to give up-to-date information on stock availability. We are continuously influencing and encouraging our partner manufacturers to improve the levels of their inventory and technologies, in order to provide our customers with a more efficient service.

Please allow that, because of the time sensitivity of a cancellation request, emailing or leave voice messages about your purpose may slow the process down. It is imperative you talk to a customer service representative directly to expedite the resolution of any concerns.

Exchange Policy

Easy Exchanges

Should you opt to exchange a product which is in “like-new” condition, complete with its original packaging, this can be done within 30 days of receipt of such a product.

Non-Exchangeable Product

Jestik may sels items from a number of manufacturers that are for personal use, built-to-order or custom made. These products are not eligible for exchange.

Have Questions? Talk to Us.

We hope you found everything you need to know about returns and replacements here. Should there be anything here that doesn’t answer your question, simply find our contact information at our Contact Page and speak with our customer support team. We’re always here to help you.