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Ergotech Dual Monitor Vertical Desk Stand 130 Series

This monitor stand is a solid value. There are cheaper units out there and I have had several experiences with inexpensive stands, not good. On this stand I have two Dell U3415W 34" monitors stacked. The hardware and center post are more than sturdy enough that these monitors sit steady and solid. The model I bought is non clamping and has a generous (heavy) base that is necessary to stabilize large monitors. Good solid unit I would definitely recommend.

Great Stand

Holds my 24" dells up perfectly would recommend.

Well made, solid product

This product, the 130 1x3, is very well made, easy enough to set up and is adjustable in almost every way. The only thing I would like to see is a way to adjust the forward-back spacing, especially for the top monitor. Because of the nature of my top LED monitor I have to angle it down towards my eyes, this means the bottom bezel of the top monitor does not align with the top bezel of the bottom monitor. I'm going to solve this by finding some plastic spacers from my local hardware store and trim them to size.

Great Product

Highly recommended! it will bear a lot of weight (holds the 27 inch iMac beautifully) and I imagine stability is the reason it is locked down. Recommended.

Great Stand

Quality stand at a great price, the second one we've purchased.

The best bipod on the market so far

The best bipod on the market so far

High quality rifle bipod that comes at a high price point

High quality rifle bipod that comes at a high price point

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Good experience

They fulfilled my order in a timely manner and it was exactly what I ordered

Very good bi-pod for any rifle shooter planing to shoot form ...

Very good bi-pod for any rifle shooter planing to shoot form ...

Great Product

I have 3 flat Samsung 27” monitors. This stand worked perfect to clean up the look on my desk. Very easy to assemble and works perfect!

Second as good as the first!!!

Picked up a second stand and it's just as amazing as the first!!! Rugged construction, easy to assemble and tweaks just perfectly when lining up three monitors!!!

If you want the best, look no further

If you want the best, look no further

I had the opportunity to see this product at a gun show before buying so I knew what I was gettin...

I had the opportunity to see this product at a gun show before buying so I knew what I was getting when I ordered through Amazon and it did not disappoint. My only concern was that I might receive ...

For the Cintiq users

This stand definitely lives up to the reviews; its craftsmanship is sturdy, and the design seems solid. Its always a little nerve racking mounting a very expensive cintiq (I have the 22hd) on anything other than what was built specifically to hold it. In the end, however, I forget that I ever used anything else. It feels extremely natural to pull the screen down to your lap and work on it at any angle you feel like. I was amazed to find that it held my desired angle even when I was drawing on it (which is the whole point of course).There were two disappointments that I had with the device. The first is that the instructions came somewhat shredded. Almost in a comical fashion. I basically have the outside borders and the middle has been ripped out. Its not floating around in the box somewhere either. Its just gone. Now, this isn't a particularly complicated device and moreover the directions can probably be found online somewhere, it was just annoying. The second problem I'm having is that it wont keep the monitor more than about two inches off the desk. This cintiq is heavy, almost at the limit, but it seems like it should hold to a place I move it. That said, I dont ever have to raise it and it holds extremely well in all the drawing positions I use, which are usually pulled forward into my lap, so its not even a big enough deal for me to search online and see if the fix is somewhere in the missing chunk of instructions.If you use a 22hd with the stock stand, you need this in your life. It feels so much more natural, like the way a cintiq is meant to be experienced. I get full 360 degree rotation at any angle I like, and for that reason alone I can't imagine going back to the stock stand.PS. my setup actually has the arm attached to the table on the right side of my desk instead of the back of the desk. It works just fine. I'll upload some pictures as well.

Does this fit the LG 34 34UM95..?"

The short answer is yes, yes it does. The Ergotron LX Desk Mount (45-241-026) handles the 34' Ultra Wide 34UM95 with ease. I just completed installing the mount on my desk. You have to adjust the Lift arm quite a bit from the factory setting to get the monitor to float properly, but once you have it dialed in it handles it perfectly fine. This is the weight capacity according to the manufacturer's site:'* Weight Capacity: 5 to 25 lbs (2.3 to 11.3 kg). With monitors greater than 20 lbs (9.1 kg) in weight, the vertical range of motion may be reduced up to 4.5' (11 cm) for a total height range of 8.5' (22 cm)'Wish the Tilt adjustment had a looser adjustment. With the tilt adjuster fully loosened, the adjustment itself still feels pretty stiff.I took off one star because both supplied M4 x 10 VESA mounting screws were too long for the display. The top screws tightened down perfectly fine, but the bottom two screws would bottom out prematurely and not tighten down. I had to use some older Dell mounting screws from my old display.Ergotron, either supply shorter screws with the kit or provide washers..please!!!

Just one tiny criticsm

This is beautifully made, perfectly explained and the result is an absolute marvel. I am really delighted with this product. I do not like the idea of clamping the unit to a desk so I have installed mine by drilling a hole. The video instructions are great and I urge you to watch that several times before installing. Much better than following the paper instructions. Just one word. If you want the monitor in the fixed horizontal position as I do with a 34 inch Dell, then note the instructions right at the end of the video. Having got it all working perfectly I had to take it all apart in order to fit the tiny locking screw into the Vesa mount. My only criticism but not enough to deny this product 5 stars

Desk with glass table top protector and a drawer in the middle? Not a problem...

Easy switch my 23' touchscreen between monitor and tablet position.Can even kill zombies in tablet position by standing in front of the desk !Our desk is an hardwood executive desk with a glass table top protector and a drawer in the middle. By using a 16' long extension made from a 1'*3' wood furring strip to extend the clamp we were able to sandwich the desk top between 2 pieces of wood board. We used 6 t #8-32 x 1.25' flat-head machine screw to secure the hardware to the strip ( 4 near the stand and 2 at the clamp )The arm stands on a 1'x6'x 20' plank and the force of the clamp is distributed under the drawer support by a 1'x2'x16' piece of wood. Make sure the glass surface on both sides is clean and free of dust/residue/etc... Another point; the arm pole is not centered on the desk but the monitor is.

Works Great with My Cintiq!

I was actually looking for a monitor arm for my second monitor (not my Cintiq) when I came across reviews recommending this product for use with the 21-inch Cintiq. I decided to order it thinking that if I didn't like it with my Cintiq, I would use it with my second monitor which was my original intention.Well, it's on my Cintiq and I'm keeping it there. I love having the ability to move the Cintiq around and I believe it will help reduce the pain in my right shoulder since I can move the monitor so that I do not have to raise my arm much.At first I was hesitant to remove the mount that came with the Cintiq. I didn't want to screw things up by unscrewing things! First I watched the video from the Ergotron website on installing the arm (this was much better than the scant directions that come with the arm). Then I took out my Cintiq manual and found the simple directions for switching the stand mounts. It was much easier than I thought it would be.I've only had the arm on for a few days. I had to tighten the appropriate screws to accommodate the heavy weight of the Cintiq but everything is working well right now. The Cintiq does move a little when I draw on it (another reviewer indicated the same). I could try tightening the arm adjustment screw tighter--but with the arrangement I have the most comfortable position is to slightly brace the Cintiq against the edge of my computer desk. When I'm not drawing on it I raise it to several inches above the desk top (something you can't do with the original Cintiq stand) and it stays in place.Bottomline: This works well with the Cintiq and it provides not only a better drawing position--but a better viewing position when you're using the Cintiq as a regular monitor!

Excellent Arm and a Cool Trick to Mount it on your Desk

Just arrived yesterday and got it all set up. First of all, it works wonderfully, better than I hoped it would. Smooth and steady movement and holds my 27 inch BenQ monitor just fine. It is well built and solid. Excellent Product.Now, some things I noticed during install. If you try to manipulate the arms or the tilt adjustment for the monitor before you install it, you won't have any success trying to move the individual parts. However as a system, things move just fine. I did have to almost completely loosen the tilt tension adjustment, but that is probably because my monitor weighs 5 pounds, and not the 20 something that the arm is rated for.Also, I already had a hole in my desk to mount the arm over. I find that to be more secure than clamping it the edge of my desk. But, the hole on my desk is larger than 2 inches specified by Ergotron. Its actually about 3 inches by 5 inches. The base is more than large enough to cover and have enough desk under it to be secure. It is the bottom part of the mount that was too small. The plate on the bottom of the mount would actually fit into the hole in my desk. So, I went to the local hardware store and bought an Electrical Box Cover Plate for $2.50 that has a knock out hole in it.Something just like knocked the plug out, and let the threaded rod attached to the base go through that, then used the clamp plate supplied with the arm. This allowed me to tighten up the base, and keep it secure and not have to worry about it breaking my desk or getting loose over time.

Appears nearly perfect for my Cintiq 22HD

So far, this seems to be a nearly perfect solution for my Cintiq 22HD. It holds the tablet in a very, very stable manner, yet it easily moves smoothly through an impressive range of motion. I can comfortably position the monitor at a good ergonomic distance and height when reading things, or I can pull it down into my lap when drawing and painting, and even pull it up and use it almost like an easel when standing. It is very well designed. You can adjust the tension on each joint so that it is loose or stiff as you like.I will add the caveat that I've only had it for a few days. I don't usually put much stock in reviews from people who have only used a product for a few days, but this product is pretty straightforward. If after some use I discover any flaws with it, or the quality wears down, or it falls in the middle of the night and smashes my $2,000 tablet, you can bet I will amend this review. But as for now it appears to work nearly perfectly and I don't foresee any problems.

Best mount I've used!

Mount has worked strong for over 2 years now! Originally ordered the one with the taller pole in case I got a dual screen setup. Well I did. Good thing is that the new arm is identical and works great too. Bad thing (which I didn't realize is that they don't sell JUST the arms!) You have to buy the desk mount/arm together. Stinks because I thought I'd save money down the line buying the taller pole and buying the second arm I just have an extra desk mount. Oh well. My advice would be to buy the dual arm now if you can and attach the second arm when you're ready to use it. More expensive now but will save you in the long run.

Product of the Year (and a testimonial about the company)

This arm lives up to every one of their feature claims and then some. Here are some of the standouts :- It's precision engineered and solid- It's sexy looking- It's American made (any company that is hiring people HERE to make innovative and quality products gets a *big salute and a bonus)- It's adjustable to almost any angle you could possibly make use of, and- When you maneuver it to the spot you want - it STAYS- But when you want to quickly move or simply adjust it to another spot, it smoothly swivels there .. and STAYS- And all of this even with heavy monitors - like my Dell 23' touchscreen.For work I put the arm attached to the back of the desk behind my laptop, and the DELL hangs nice and solid above the laptop screen for a perfect dual screen setup. At my height (6'3') that puts the big monitor right at eye height. Perfect for design and development.I push the laptop to the side and swing the arm all the way down to desk height in front of me for DJ'ing with the touchscreen. And I easily swing the arm with the DELL all the way around facing my bed if I feel like watching a movie at night.At no time have I doubted that this thing was stable or that my heavy monitor was in any way at risk. Nor is it the slightest bit finicky about moving or staying where I put it. It smoothly and precisely does its job and does not need adjustment at the joints in the slightest.Now about my experience with customer service:The assembly is basically simple, so the 1 or 2 page sparse instructions were good enough for me to get it 90% there. However the last thing that was holding me up mounting it and finishing the job, was the 'pan' motion left and right (like shaking your head motion left right).All of the other directions of motion have either hex bolts for adjustment, or a screw, or they don't need any adjustment. But the pan left/right was stuck. And I couldn't find any adjustment for that axis of motion at all.When I called the company on the phone somebo...

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm provides solid foundation

The instructions aren't the best, but the product is fine. You'll figure out the installation just fine; take your time and hold the parts in your hands to visualize proper assembly. However, do read the instructions and heed the warning about removing certain screws!For mounting ASUS 24-inch LCD monitors, the factory tension settings worked fine. Tighten clamp to desk, install first arm, screw second arm to appropriate holes on monitor (the ASUS had VESA mounting holes) and then slip the two arms together. Attaching power and signal cables to the arms is the final step.I bought two of these and clamped one to my wife's old-style wooden desk and one to my converted drafting table. Both installed without the need for any additional spacers or force-spreading devices (think wood or metal block to expand the footprint of the clamp plate).The desk sits about ¾-inch away from a wall. Moving that heavy wooden desk to reach the knob for tightening clamp was not appealing, so I made a tool from 2-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Just trace the clamp fingers onto one end of the pipe and saw out the waste with a hacksaw (about ½-inch deep or so). Space the fingers so they fit snuggly on the clamp, so the tool doesn't slip off while you are reaching in from the bottom middle front-side of the desk. Clamp tightened fine, and all is well. I left the tool in place behind desk, so I could find it, should the need arise to remove or adjust clamp.