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Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard Split Keyboard Free 2nd Day Air Shipping

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The Freestyle Edge

Are you a gamer? Are you shopping for the ultimate gaming keyboard? Look no further than the new Freestyle Edge gaming keyboard. First class gaming keyboard thick and through. Built from the ground up with the gamers intuition at its heart.

Gaming Evolution

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is the worlds first split keyboard specifically for gamers. Fully adjustable 20" braided cable gives you the ability to adjust your keyboard the exact way you want it. The evolution of a gaming keyboard has reached its peak with the Kinesis Freestyle Edge gaming keyboard. Boost your gaming performance to the next level and do it with ergonomic comfort.

The Smartest APP






No-Install Programming App

  Prefer a graphical interface for custom programming? The SmartSet App lives on your keyboard so it never gets installed on your computer. Design custom layouts, program & assign devastating macros, and even customize keyboard settings. Everything you need, without the bloatware. Now that’s what we call changing the game!

Seriously a Split Gaming Keyboard?

hats right the freestyle edge offers 20" of sweet separation so you can use an oversize mouse or a wheel for racing games. This keyboard was truly built with gamer in mind. If you trying to take the impossible shot or just cleaning house and owning everyone on the server. The Freestyle edge allows for precision in low DPI Gaming. Play to win the game

Small Foot Print

You get to decide on how you want to adjust your keyboard. Work from the standard layout to a split layout. Tired of the standard keyboards? The Freestyle Edge allows you to adjust to conform to your body and your hands. Small or large you can game in comfort.


Twist and rotate your keyboard or get nice in cosey with your team on a LAN tournment. Left handed or right handed you can move the keyboard to the way you want it. Add the additional lift kit to take your gaming experience to the next level. Choose from three heights. When you go tent you never go back trust me.



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  • Freestyle Edge: 2 years from date of purchase
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  • You choice of MX switch Brown, Red, and Blue
  • Completely programmable with the Freestyle Edge SmartSet and no Software needed.
  • Up to 9 dual-layer layouts
  • Up to 20 inches of separation
  • NKRO Mode and Gaming Mode
  • Braided Cables
  • Easily detach palm rests
  • Control your sound and other functions with multimedia controls
  • Extreme response time 1ms
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Memory Onboard 4mb


What color switch should I get?

If this is your first time experiencing mechanical switches, we recommend going with the MX Brown which is the most popular switch for gaming and typing.

Can I upgrade my keycaps?

Yes! The Edge uses standard Cherry MX keycaps so any 3rd party Cherry-compatible keycap should work. Note that due to the Edge’s compact split layout there are some unique keys: Right Ctrl and Right Shift keys are 1.75x wide (substitute a Caps Lock key) and the space bars are 3.5x wide (We are not aware of any 3rd party 3.5x space bars).

How do I remove the keycaps?

You can purchase a keycap removal tool from us or on Amazon, or just use a folded paperclip.

How do I access the SmartSet App?

Open the v-Drive on a Windows computer (SmartSet + F8). Then locate the “FS Edge” removable drive in File Explorer and double-click the App. When you are finished, close the App and then close the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8) to implement your changes.

What is NKRO?

NKRO allows the Edge to register all simulateneous key presses so you never miss a key.

How do I increase the speed of my macros?

Activate Macro Speed Mode (SmartSet + F9) and then select 1-9 for the speed, or 0 to disable macros.

Where is the numeric keypad?

The Freestyle Edge was specifically designed as a “tenkeyless” keyboard to bring your mouse in closer to your body. If you require a numeric 10-key, you can program one into the embedded layer using the SmartSet App. Open the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8), launch the SmartSet App, click the Special Actions button in the Remap Section, then select “Numeric Keypad”. You can choose from the right or left side of the keyboard. Access the keypad by using the Fn key to enter the “embedded” layer.

What’s the best configuration for typing and gaming?

Whether your typing or gaming, you want your hands at shoulder width and wrists at a neutral angle.

Is there a different way to access the embedded Fn layer?

If you would prefer to temporarily “shift” on the embedded layer use the SmartSet App or Direct Programming to assign the “Fn Shift” special action to any key on the keyboard.

Can I disable backlighting?

Yes, just tap the LED key in the lower right corner of the Game Bank. To permanently disable backlighting enter Backlight Mode (SmartSet + LED Key) and tap “0” to disable all the full-size LEDs, or tap “P” for Pitch Black mode to disable all of the static indicator LEDs as well.

Can I disable onboard programming shortcuts?

Yes, use the Program Lock command (SmartSet + Shift + L) to temporarily disable the 4 programming keys. Use the same shortcut to re-enable onboard programming.

How do I access the multimedia controls?

Tap the Fn key to toggle on the embedded function layer. The multimedia keys are then accessed from F1-F6 when the Fn layer is active.

Does the Edge perform mouse clicks?

Yes, the Edge can perform both single and double mouse clicks via the Special Actions menu in the SmartSet App or Direct Programming.

Can I run the SmartSet App on a Linux machine?

Yes, many Linux users have reported successfullly using WineHQ to run the Windows version of the App. Note: WineHQ and other such programs are 3rd party applications which have not been tested by Kinesis and are not supported. Use at your own risk.

Does the Edge work with non-US keyboard drivers?

Basic keyboard usage and onboard programming should work with non-US keyboard drivers, but the SmartSet App requires that you are using the standard US keyboard driver.