Mousetrapper Advance 2.0

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Is your shoulder stiff and sore from working on your computer for hours on end? Are you suffering from chronic pain on your shoulder, neck and back from using conventional mouse? Then it might be high time to switch to a product that will help you work more comfortably and efficiently.

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 with its super slim body is specially designed to encourage good posture while working at your desk. Positioned parallel to your keyboard, it eliminates the need for you to overstretch your arm, thus reducing the strain on your neck, shoulder and back. It also has wide wrist cushions that reduce the pressure on your shoulders, neck, wrists and arms while working.

You can also customize all the button functions by downloading the MT keys, available for both Mac and PC. It is ergonomically designed with options to reconfigure the functionalities to suit your preferences. It’s no wonder why it is easily our best seller!




Track Pad: Click and scroll function

Wired or Wireless Wireless: Includes USB connector

Programmable Buttons: Yes; 6 in total; Use MT keys

Resolution: 2000 dpi

Compatible with Mac and/or PC: Both

Width: 480 mm

Height: 20 mm

Depth: 110 mm

Weight: 670 g

Color: White,Turquoise

Operating System: Mac OS 10 or Windows 7 or later, or later



  • USB cable for easy connection
  • An improved roller pad that glides
  • Folding non-slip keyboard support
  • Wrist supports that is easy to change
  • Programmable buttons for convenience and versatility