Workrite Banana-board Keyboard Tray System for Straightaway and Corner Desks

The Banana-Board Platform comes with a unique design that works great in straight work surfaces as well as corner applications. The gliding mouse can easily be switched position to either side of the platform to accommodate left and right hand users.

It comes with removable palm support, document holder and cable management system. It is available as a solo platform or paired with a keyboard arm.


Technical Drawing


  • Cable management kit.
  • Built in document holder.
  • Removable palm support.
  • Swivel reversible mouse tray.
  • Accommodates left and right mouse users.
  • Auto lock mechanism that allows you to easily adjust tray position (Keyboard Tray System).


Platform Material

T-molded .625” Melamine construction

System Inclusion (Optional)

3170 Pinnacle 2 keyboard arm

Platform Tilt

25° tilt range: -15° +10°

Vertical Adjustment

Adjusts from flush to 6″ below work surface

Track Length

17” (2128-17); 21”( 2128-22)

Platform Storage

17” track - exceeds 3” front of track;

22” track- full storage