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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard - Clicky

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional is designed with best-in-class, Cherry MX Blue switches that have click tactile bump when the activation point is hit. The combination of the tactile feel, The psycho-acoustic experience and incredible craftsmanship all deliver an experience like no other. Sleek design, laser-etched key caps, and oversized volume knob make this one beautifully crafted machine. The most advanced mechanical keyboard on the market today.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Keyboard

Love the keyboard blows away kinesis products.

A Reader
If you type a lot, you need a good mechanical keyboard

Top quality key switches with a fast, reliable, and consistent action. Solid build quality. It sits on my desk and does not move. A pleasure to type on for hour after hour. I have used mine daily for about half a year now, for several hours per day on average. The switches are still as reliable and solid as they were out of the box. There is no sign of sticking keycaps or fading letters. I am rather puzzled by some of the negative reviews - completely contrary to my experience thus far. My only minor gripe is that the keycap markings do not duplicate the ones on OEM Apple keyboards - perhaps this is for copyright reasons.

It takes getting used to, but it's worth it

I didn't expect that a keyboard would make me want to go back to the time in my life where writing papers was a part of my day, but here we are. I'm almost looking for homework. That's why I'm typing this review.Build: The keyboard has its pros. It's solid. It doesn't feel chintzy and the dials, switches, and keys all function right out the gate. There is definitely no problem with the build quality on this particular keyboard.Layout: standard. Need the numpad. Honestly you can't go wrong with a numpad. Just open your calculator and see.Switches: The cherry mx brown are technically tactile, but truth be told I don't see, or more appropriately, feel, much of what this actually means. However, as far as typing experience is concerned, it is a devilishly comfortable and pleasant keyboard to type on. Literally the only reason I'm reviewing this keyboard is that I love typing on it, and I need something to do. NOTE: The cherry mx brown switches are apparently less clicky than the blues. Take it from me, unless you have a fetish for things that click exceptionally loud or really hate your roommates/spouse/wife/dogs/neighbor, the brown keys are all you really need. These keys are still loud enough, and satisfying enough to click, that it makes you feel like you're typing on the Fallout hacking console. The sound is just gravy on a heap of delicious mashed potatoes. But not like, too much gravy, just the right amount. Brown. Like gravy.Function: I had a problem with my keyboard not working when my PC went to sleep, and then woke up. Das Keyboard's support personal directed me to the firmware update for the keyboard within 24 hours. That seemed to do the trick.Extras: This keyboard has minimal extras. A very classy volume wheel with a red ring, and a few media controls are all you get. That's literally, however, all that is needed for a keyboard. I mean, sure other keyboards can do party tricks with backlit LEDs, but seriously... who is that going to impress? And how ofte...

Scott Cruce
It's a heavy duty keyboard with heavy amounts of awesomeness

I was looking for a new keyboard when my old Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 began to fail with sticky keys. I did a bunch of research regarding different types of keyboards and was constantly coming up with how much better mechanical keyboards were than their membrane counterparts. I tried several diffrent keyboards with mechancial keys, and while I did like them, there was always something just off about them. I had been spoiled with having a split keyboard, or at least a keyboard where the two halves were separated by at least some distance, so getting used to typing on a keyboard again that had keys jammed close together was somewhat discouraging. Finally, I tried the Das 4 Professional Keyboard after hearing nothing but great reviews on it. I went with brown switches, because I had already tried blue and red switches, but neither of them felt just right to me. As soon as I started typing on this keyboard, I knew that this was going to be one of the ones I would be using for a long period of time. I am typing better and faster on this keyboard than I have been able to, and the keys, while a bit clicky, don't sound nearly as loud as the blue keys. The red keys, even though they are quieter than the browns, are not as comfortable to type on, and they don't give the quick responsiveness that the brown keys do either. Das also includes just enough extra features to make the keyboard well worth the price tag. Having a tactile volume knob on the top right corner is excellent, and the few media keys that have previous, play/pause, and next really work well with programs on my Windows 10 machine. The Sleep button is also a great thing to be able to use. It is near the other buttons but separated enough that you shouldn't have to worry about accidentally putting your machine to sleep. All in all, the only thing that could make this a better board is if the halves were separated a bit with a palm rest. Still, this keyboard is extremely comfortable to type on and...

S. Watson
This keyboard might outlive me.

Seriously, the very first thing you will notice about this keyboard is the phenomenal build quality. This thing is solid, sturdy, and while I wouldn't ever do something to mar its beauty, probably capable of withstanding a ton of punishment. Everyone else has pretty much covered what needs to be covered, so I won't go into all the details for the hundredth time (like how much I love the volume dial, for example), but I did immediately feel the need to write a review in support of this outstanding keyboard. I did wait a couple weeks just to make sure, and I still feel the same way.I still have a 5-year old das keyboard that I'm replacing simply because I wanted a new one with my new computer, but I could easily use that one for many years (maybe decades) to come. And this one feels even better built!I'm sure some switches might eventually need replacing for people with heavy use cases, but with moderate use I honestly don't know if I'll live long enough to ever need that myself. Sure it costs a lot more than a cheap keyboard, but you'll likely never have to buy another one either.I cannot recommend this keyboard enough.