Innovative 7500 Heavy Duty Deluxe Single Monitor Arm

 Mounting large screens are problematic. Good thing we have the 7500 Deluxe Monitor Arm that offers the best solution for lifting such massive monitors. It’s designed to mount heavy- duty flat monitors above your desk and help you reclaim some valuable space.


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Technical Specifications:

 Vertical range Up to 18.0”
Horizontal range Up to 27 inches
Fold up to 4.5 Inches
Monitor Tilt 200 Degrees
Monitor Pivot Landscape to portrait
Vesa 75mm and 100mm
Cable Management Integrated
Mounting Options FLEXmount, Slatwall, Wall, Thru-Desk


Models and Weight

Model Weight Capacity 
7500-500 supports monitor 2-13 lbs 
7500-800 supports monitor 6-21 lbs 
7500-1000 supports monitor 8-27 lbs 
7500-1500 supports monitor 13.5-44 lbs

7500 specs

  • Integrated cable management system to keep your working space clutter-free fro wires and cables
  • Instantly raise, lower and rotate your monitor with one-handed positioning
  • Includes the patented HD tilter, a spring-assisted mechanism for smooth monitor pivoting
  • Maximum height is 18”, with an optional 6” extender tube for additional height
  • Maximum extension is 27”; the arm, if not in use, can be folded to just 4.5” of space
  • A variety of mounting configurations, including the six mounting options by FLEXmount
  • Approved for AFRDI Standard 126:2001, Level 3—a testament to the strength, safety, durability, and stability of the 7500
  • Optional upgrade to quick install/release monitor bracket

innovative 7500