HealthPostures 5000 Stance Move Sit-Stand Chair

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The 5000 Stance Move Standing Chair promotes an inexpensive choice for office and industrial workers the capacity to sit, kneel or utilized assisted standing.   The suppleness makes it a special chair to use as a standing desk chair, at work areas, along assembly lines and more.

This present day, all-round standing chair permits you to adjust positions easily throughout the day.  The strength to take the pressure off your lower back and trims down the stress your feet encounters during the day will be remarkable.

The HealthPosture Stance Move Standing Chair 5000 grants you the complete comfortability with its padded seat and leg cushions while the long-lasting steel construction and balanced design will keep you on the go with the eight different positions that can be utilized.


  • 8 different settings to provide sitting, kneeling, and assisted standing positions
  • Tilted footrest and padded let cushions for superior comfort
  • Front casters for easier movement
  • Seat extension available for 5’10” or taller individuals
  • Durable steel frame with a balance design