HealthPostures 5100 Stance Angle Sit-Stand Chair

The Health Postures 5100 Stance Angle Chair is ergonomically the only sit-stand chair that enables you to advance freely and comfortably for the rest of the day as you change positions with your standing desk.

This present-day modish sit-stand chair will let you move around effortlessly as you work such as sitting, kneeling and assisted standing.  This is consummated by the adjustable leg cushions and the double trigger technique that lets the chair move vertically well at any angle, all with less effort.

With a contoured back rest, two adjustable arm rests, and an angled foot rest, the Stance Angle stand up chair for standing desks will keep you comfortable all day. This modern ergonomic sit-stand chair will cradle you as you work at your desk, revealing a multitude of positions such as sitting, kneeling, and assisted standing. This is all accomplished by the adjustable leg cushions and the double trigger mechanism that allows the standing desk chair to move vertically as well as at an angle, all with very little effort.

The HealthPosture Stance Angle Chair 5100 will keep you comfortable for the rest of the day with its contoured backrest, two adjustable arm rests and lastly with an angled footrest, reducing the risk of poor posture and lower back stress that may cause you spinal deformity.  

Health Postures 5100Health Postures 5100


  • Move from sitting to assisted standing with easy double trigger syste
  • Contoured back rest and adjustable arm rests for optimum ergonomics
  • Precisely angled foot rest with adjustable leg cushions cradles the body
  • Large, swivel casters for easy moving
  • Robust steel construction on the only sit-stand chair of its kind