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Humanscale QuickStand Eco Sit Stand Workstation Single, Dual, or Laptop



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Color: Black

Humanscale QuickStand Eco

Tired of your old desk? Why are so many people still using old-style desks? Stand up and create a better posture for your back and neck with the Humanscale Eco. The next level technology in portable lightweight sit-stand workstations.

QuickStand Eco in action

Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand desk solutions.

  • Sleek and Eco Friendly Beautify designed it and transforms your work space into something special.
  • Home and Office Use Easily use at home or in your office at work. Create a comfortable work space.

Clean & Simple

Cleaner, a lot simpler to use and made from more eco-friendly materials than any other item before. It's a giant leap over the current sit-stand workstations offered on the market. Extremely easy to assemble, lightweight, and extremely portable. Moving from a sit to stand position has never been easier before. Revamping your ordinary desk into a healthy workplace.

More Refined

QuickStand Eco is the only product in the sit or stand category to have been certified with a Declare label from The International Living Future Institute. Changing the definition of current sit or stand surfaces, QuickStand Eco is way more refined, sleeker and easier to use. It features easy setup, effortless adjustability and incomparable portability revolutionizing traditional desktop into an active and healthy workspace.

Lever free Adjustments

Its expert engineering offers a knob and lever-free adjustments and its self-locking mechanism keep the equipment stable and safe while you are working. Further, with great considerations to the product’s impact to the people, QuickStand echo is built with non-toxic and sustainable materials to provide added value for the users.

Its minimal aesthetic can blend into any environment and with its friendly cable management system, cords and cable can be hidden effortlessly



Quick Ship Models ship within in 24-48 hours. All monitor arms ship in 1-2 weeks depending on the configuration.


5 Years, 24/7 Warranty


Returning? It's On Us!

As part of the QuickStandEco 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, Humanscale will cover allreturn shipping or pick-up costs.

For shipments, a pre-paid return label and return authorization document will be generated for you. To complete your return:

• Ensure the item(s) which are being returned are packaged in the box so that the product is protected from damage.
• Enclose a copy of the return authorization document inside the return package.
• Remove or cover any existing labels on the package. Affix the return shipping labels to the box ensuring the barcode is visible.
• Schedule a pick-up with FedEx or drop the package off at a FedEx location.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
William G
Great Stand

Bought the dual version of this. It's super elegant and everything seems to work fine. I only had it for a week or so if anything changes ill update this review.

Elegant design with some cable challenges

This stand is used for a sit/stand desk for daily use in an office. The product is well made. It comes equipped with DVI and power (120VAC) neither of which my monitor uses. Finding replacements for these cables and rewiring the stand have proven to be more challenging than anticipated.To duplicate the original internal cabling system, cables with a minimum length of 8ft are required. 10ft DisplayPort and HDMI cables are readily available. However, my monitor uses 19.5VDC and the DC cable from the adapter is a standard 6ft long. I have not been able to find a DC extension cord that will enable the concealed cabling which is part of the elegance of this design. The alternatives are:1. run AC through the stand and hang the AC/DC adapter off of the back of the monitor which would be a dust-collecting rat's nest of wires and anything but elegant2. cut and solder in an extension to the DC cable from the adapter, not an option for most, not a desirable option for any.Until I get out my soldering iron, the stand is used with both sides uncovered and many cables hanging loosely. Functionally it is stable enough and easy to raise and lower. Aesthetically, because of the cabling issue, my installation is not nearly as pretty as it was designed to be.

B. Perkins
I have this desk at my workplace and it does ...

I have this desk at my workplace and it does not push down all the way. Facilities said there was a defect in this product as many users have this same issue. Unacceptable, especially for people with back problems. THIS SHOULD PUSH DOWN ALL THE WAY!! I AM PISSED!

D. Evans
I have a bad back (that's why I bought it)

I've had mine for about 6 months, it was installed by professionals. As I watched them I was impressed at how complicated it looked. I have a bad back (that's why I bought it), it was painful to imagine the efforts it would have taken to install. Once it's installed it looks much more attractive than a varidesk. The cords are well hidden. It's nice the monitor can move up and down independent of the overall tray. But here is my main complaint.... the tower slopes away from you as you go from sitting to standing. Which means, when you're sitting the keyboard and monitor are about 6-8 inches closer to you than when you stand. The taller you are, the further away the tower gets. I raise it to the upper limit. I find myself leaning forward when i stand, and unlike the varidesk, this puppy is bolted to my desk, so I can't simply slide it back and forth. I regularly put excessive weight on my wrists because I'm bent over slightly as I type.

Douglas Thomas
Excellent Standing Station

I have corrected my previous review.I now have 22 and 24 inch monitors mounted and counterbalance problem is fixed. I removed the heavier (old ) 19 inch monitor and installed newer lighter weight 24 inch monitor.Old Review/problem-This is a great product with the exception the table, with dual monitors mounted (22 and 19 inch), drops easily (slides down a few inches) if I rest my wrists on the platform. Spring adjustment is at full tension and table is sensitive to dropping. An aftermarket O.E.M. retrofit brake would be a welcome addition.Otherwise, very well engineered product with internal cabling.