Humanscale Element Vision Task Light

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Designed with impressive advancements like MCX LED technology, the Element Vision task light boasts a generous foot-print of glare free illumination in a single light source which is not not commonly present in LED computer lamps. This product provides the same effortless functionality found in all Humanscale task light which includes a fluid movement without the need for knobs, switches or springs.

While its counterparts struggle to give the warm light that prevents eye straining and offers ergonomic comfort, Element Vision provides a high color rendering index (CRI) of 89 while also delivering 3000K illumination. By allowing effortless adjustment and by having a superb heat management, Element Vision can be considered as one of the most advanced and intuitive LED task lights available in the market today.

It also has a custom dimming capability that allows for seven settings of light intensity. Its motion sensor also features an additional energy savings and intelligently remembers user settings, allowing your work environment to retain its levels of illumination.


MCX LED Technology
Smart dimmer with occupancy sensor
One Touch adjustability
Desktop Base
Tech Base (1USB + 1 120V)
Working height: 18", Maximum reach: 28"
7-Watt bulb
Color: White, Silver, Black