Humanscale L6 Notebook Manager

The L6 Notebook Manager aims to provide you comfort and reduce the risk of long-term injury by allowing good ergonomic posture while using a laptop computer. Designed for full-time workstation, hospitality applications, home offices and any other workspace in which a laptop computer is commonly used. The versatile L6 boasts a number of practical features such as cable management, security features, heat ventilation, and an optional removable USB hub.

Mainly, the L6 notebook manager is set to discourage working in poor postures, such as “laptop hunch”. Along with an external keyboard or keyboard system, the L6 secures the laptop in place while the screen is positioned at a comfortable height. Thus, ensuring the best (and most ergonomic) way to work on a laptop.

At a lightweight of 8.4lbs, the L6 can be utilized anywhere you would set up a laptop. Further, an optional USB hub can be built in to create the most accessible application.


7.3" Height-Adjustablility
Accomodates notebooks at least 10" wide and 6" deep, and up to 1.5" thick 
Dimensions: 10.9" D x 13.5" W x 10.1" H