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Humanscale Liberty Task Chair

SKU L111BM10CF10


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A world-class ergonomic task chair with minimalist charms, Liberty projects versatility in both style and function. A form-sensing mesh back supports your unique pressure points while encouraging freedom of movement.
• Liberty's sharp aesthetic compliments any space it’s in, featuring lined, tri-panel mesh that looks as good as it feels.

• Hands-free recline moves with you to offer constant lumbar protection in any position.
• Net Positive certification means every Liberty sold actively helps to reverse climate damage.
• Liberty is yours with a 15-year, 24/7 warranty.

With a minimal aesthetic that complements any space, the Liberty chair is the ideal seating solution for the modern work environment. With advanced features, including automatic, weight-sensitive recline, arm rests that are attached to the back of the chair for constant support and an innovative tri-panel mesh backrest, Liberty combines performance, simplicity and beauty. With fewer parts than traditional task chairs, Liberty is a timeless and environmentally friendly design.

Liberty Task is Living Product Certified, meeting the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria to date. This means that Liberty Task is climate, water and energy positive. Every time we make these products the planet is better off. With a mission to create a healthier world, we are proud that over 60% of our products are certified net positive.

Effortless Recline
Liberty’s intelligent mechanism-free recline uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s weight to automatically provide the perfect amount of support through the full range of recline. Without manual controls to adjust, the user can change postures effortlessly throughout the day

Custom Fit
Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh material in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of fabric to create a shirt. Its contours are made to custom fit and support each individual sitter throughout the day.

Encourages Movement
Liberty was engineered to automatically adjust to whoever sits in it, instantly accommodating each user regardless of size and weight. Because it has no manual adjustments and features Humanscale’s weight-sensitive recline, the user can move easily and without restrictions.

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