Humanscale Quickstand

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Quickstand offers the best sit/work workstation solution in the market. Hailedas the decade’s best office accessory at the Interior Design Magazine’s 2015 Best of Year Awards,it effortlessly transforms your desk from a sitting to a standing position.It’ssturdy and robust height adjustable body provides exceptional stability while it’s minimalist design makes it portable and easily suitable in any work space.

Quickstand comes with an adjustable clamp for easy attachment to any fixed height work surface and includes aplug-and-play cable management system. It’s sleek lightweight platform is easy to adjust providing remarkable user comfort. After all,when you work more comfortably, are you not happier and more productive?





For Freestanding Base


-Heavy mount for single monitor, supports up to 30 lbs.

-Accommodates 30" to 36" deep work surface

-28" W X 17" D Platform

-Freestanding Base

-DVI-D Cable Set (includes 1 DVI-D, 1 Power, 2 USB)

 -Color: Black, White with gray trim


For Crossbar

-Heavy Mount with Crossbar for Dual Monitors

-28" W X 17" D Platform

-Color: Black, White with gray trim