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Kevin McCormack
This is my second Kinesis Advantage.

I'm a web application programmer and a Kinesis user for more than 10 years. I'm now working at home and my Kinesis Classic is still at my locked down office. After three months working on a regular keyboard my wrist RSI was flaring up for the first time in years. So, a brand new Advantage KB600 for working at home.

I had accustomed myself to the contoured KB years ago and it's great having my old favorite back again. I had actually worn out several keys on the old mode 133 (with the ps/2 adapter only) at about the 8 year mark and Kinesis refurbished it at a reasonable cost. It's still working great. These things are work horses, it may be the last keyboard you will ever need. Worth every penny.

Anupam Kumar
liked the keyboard so far

Five stars to Jestik for business, four stars for the keyboard.
I have liked the keyboard so far. This is my first ergonomic and mechanical keyboard, so I am not really sure what to expect.
It has been two weeks since I am using this keyboard, so still have to get used to it a bit.
some keys in thumb clusters are a bit hard to reach, and so are some other keys too.

The build-quality and overall keyboard functionality are very good. will hopefully update my review later.

Jose Rivera
I love this Keyboard, totally recommended!

I am very happy with this Keyboard.I dont feel any pain on my wrist any more.Although it is too expensive but is worth it:)

Oleksandr Zaliskyi
A perfect device for doing good job

As I live far from US, I have just received this keyboard two days ago. It looks and feels great. A little bit unusual, but now my hands feel comfortable.

Alexander Koch
This keyboard is excellent, and has helped greatly with repetitive strain injuries ...

This keyboard is excellent, and has helped greatly with repetitive strain injuries in my hands.Definitely takes some time to get used to typing, but once you're fluent on it it is very very very very good on the hands. Low reach, intuitive and compact key placement.My only con is that the keys are a bit noisy in a clickity-clackity kind of way, and some are just ever so slightly squeaky. This is far outweighed by the benefits of the product

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