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Kinesis Freestyle2 for PC

by Kinesis
SKU KB800PB-us
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$89.00 - $189.00
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Variations: 9" (Keyboard Only)

The Freestyle2 for PC keyboard is a split keyboard linked by an adjustable cable designed to accommodate users of varying build. You can position the two parts separately at your preferred distance and orientation.

It is sleek and portable. It has a low profile design and zero degree slope that helps reduce wrist strain. Configured for Windows and Linux only, it has low-force keys and driverless hotkeys. The keyboard can be purchased with either the VIP3 (KB820PB-us) or V3 (KB830PB-us) accessory pre-installed.




15 3/8” (KB800PB-us); 20” (KB800PB-us-20)

Max Height

7 ⅛’’


7 ⅛’’

Keyboard Weight

2 lbs

Shipping Weight

3 lbs



Wired or Wireless

Wired; USB connector

USB cable length

6 feet

With the VIP3 (AC820-blk) Accessory

1 set of right and left V-lifters, 1 set of right and left integrated palm supports, 1 set of replaceable, padded palm pads

Max Height

15° slope: 2 7/8 ”; at 10° slope: 2 1/8 ”;

at 5° slope: 1 1/2”

With the V3 (AC730-blk) Accessory

One set of right and left V3 lifters

Max Height

15° slope: 2 7/8“; at 10° slope: 2 1/8”; at 5° slope: 1 1/2”

Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10; Linux


2 year limited


    • Zero degree slope from front to back to keep your wrists in a neutral position, reducing wrist strain.
    • Linking cable to allow for adjustment in position and distance to ensure great user comfort.
    • Low-force and tactile key switches to reduce pressure on your fingertips.
    • Plug-and-Play and therefore does not require driver installations.

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