SpaceCo SpaceArm Single Standard Arm with Laptop Platform

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Working with laptops is a notorious source of stiff necks due to improper posture. Good thing that the SpaceArm Single Standard Arm with Laptop Platform is here to get your laptop into a comfortable eye-level position. Move your laptop sideways, up-down, front-back while performing work, or just set it when you’re done for the day. You can even customize with optional height extenders and mounting configurations. All these make the SA01LP ideal for mobile workers.


Vertical range: Up to 20.5” (52.1 cm)

Horizontal range: Up to 27" (68.6 cm)

Weight capacity:

  • With light gas strut: up to 10 lbs (0.9 kg – 4.5 kg)
  • With standard gas strut: 5 – 16 lbs (2.2 kg – 7.2 kg)
  • With heavy gas strut: 15 – 32 lbs (6.8 kg – 14.5 kg)

Laptop tray size: 12.75” X 15.5” (32.4-cm x 39.4-cm)

Mounting options: Bolt-through, C-clamp, Large C-clamp, Grommet, Panel Mount

VESA Compatibility: Yes, 75-mm and 100-mm

Color Arm: Platinum, White, Black, Champagne

Tray: Black


  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Moves front to back, side to side.
  • Adjustable height +/- 7” from center of hub. Optional height extenders include 4”, 6”, 8” extender tubes.
  • Molded steel platform.
  • With laptop lock (optional).

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