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SpaceCo SpaceArm Sit-Stand Double Arm

by SpaceCo


Original price $560.00 - Original price $620.00
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$560.00 - $620.00
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The SpaceArm Sit-Stand Double Arm is a dual monitor arm nested on a single hub. It expands the capability of the single sit-stand arm SS01. The sturdy design allows two monitors be suspended side by side, and you can position the monitors independently. Like the one-arm SS01, the SS02 also comes with a variety of mounting options and other configurations. Lastly, as a sit-stand arm, SS02 will let you smoothly transition between a seated position and the healthier standing mode.


Vertical range: (Standard) Up to 22.17” (56.3 cm) per arm

Horizontal range: 2.5” (6.4 cm) to 19.5” (49.5 cm) per arm

Weight capacity:

  • With light gas strut: up to 10 lbs (0.9 kg – 4.5 kg)
  • With standard gas strut: 5 – 16 lbs (2.2 kg – 7.2kg)
  • With heavy gas strut: 15 – 30 lbs (6.8 kg – 13.6kg)

Monitor tilt: 40 degrees (20 degrees up, 20 degrees down)

Monitor view: 360 degrees; portrait and landscape rotation

Rotation: 230º-360º at 2 different joints

Mount-to- monitor option: Direct VESA, Quick Change

Mount-to- surface option: Bolt-through, C-clamp, large C-clamp, Grommet,

Above Desk Mount

Color: Platinum, White, Black, Champagne


  • Two sit-stand monitor arms on a single hub
  • Adjust height +/- 7” from the center, up to 22.17”. Height can be added with optional 4”, 6”, 8” extender tubes.
  • Default mount-to- monitor mount is the Direct VESA mount plate. Optional Quick Change universal mount for quick switching of monitors.
  • Optional mount-to- monitor accessories include: security screw (locks monitor to arm); security set screw (locks SS02 to hub); adjustable, rotational knobs at each joint; 180-degree rotational stop (limiter to the SpaceArm hub, prevents monitor collisions).
  • High-pressure die-cast aluminum construction and thermo-fused polyester finish.

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