Amazon Best Seller for  Monitor Stand - Jestik Horizon

Amazon Best Seller for Monitor Stand - Jestik Horizon

Where can you buy the best computer monitor stand for desk? Continue reading to get everything you need to know! 

The set up of one's workstation affects his/her performance and job satisfaction. The same applies to a gamer's set up. It is crucial to find the right table arrangement so that it will align with productivity, promote confidence and boost one's mood. Having an opposite of the ideal desk arrangement will only cause frustration and health consequences like chronic back pain.


You have to admit, sometimes one monitor is just isn’t enough for everything that’s going on in your computer. Whether it’s about work, gaming, or editing — one could surely understand how it’s easier to just have 2-3 monitors. But the next problem now is, how do you set it up properly? Having more than one monitor means less room and more cables. Will it cramp up my desk? Where can I find a secure and durable monitor stand for the desk? There are so many more concerns that may come with it.

But what if there’s something that could make things better and easier for you? Yep, you guessed it. It’s a Monitor Stand.


Monitor Stand

Solving this particular problem is what makes this triple and dual monitor stand one of the hottest items on the market right now. It has everything you need in a Jestik Horizon monitor stand in Amazon — design, functionality and security. 


So, what is a monitor stand and why do you need it?

It is a strong supportive bracket or ergonomic arm designed to hold up a computer monitor, laptop, notebook or other display screen. Another term for this device is a monitor arm or monitor bracket. It used to have a better position that lessens the pain on the person using the computer. While it's very functional, it also creates a more aesthetically pleasing look to every desk. Having a monitor stand gives a better working and gaming experience, and at the same time affects your health in a good way.


Jestik Horizon Monitor Stand in Amazon

For the design aspect, it looks sleek and elegant with its black and superb finish which looks good on your desk. For functionality, it can securely hold and support up to three 15” to 27” monitors that weigh a maximum of 17.6 lbs each. This computer monitor stand also allows you to customize your screens according to your needs and preferences. Rotate, tilt and swap seamlessly as desired. Lastly, security is the most important aspect of this triple monitor stand. Aside from being able to securely support three monitors, the base of the monitor stand offers stability with its heavy duty weighted base. No need to worry about monitors falling and moving screens when working or playing!


Dual Monitor Stand

There can be a lot of products in the market promising all kinds of things about their monitor stands, but do you actually have any idea about what qualities it should have? Take a look at this short list so you know what to look for in a triple or dual monitor stand! 


  • Stable and Durable
  • Monitors cost a lot, how much more if one of them gets damaged. To avoid that, you’re gonna need a secure and stable dual or triple monitor stand to hold your monitors in place. You need to be assured that your monitors are safe and secure. And of course, it has to be worth your money. A good monitor stand should be durable enough to last long before you need to replace it. 


  • Organized
  • Not only should holding monitors in place be its main function, but it would really be a bonus for a good monitor stand to also keep cables organized. Having them laid out in the open is a set up for the wires to tangle with each other and makes your desk look messy.


  • Convenient
  • This refers to its different features that makes your life easier. It should be able to cater to your needs in seamless rotation, swapping, and tilting. As a customer, you would also have to easily access how to adjust tension on dual monitor stand and how to measure dual monitor stand screen separation. A hassle-free and easy to use product is just the best thing ever, don’t you agree?


  • Good For You
  • By this, we mean it’s good for your eyes and posture. Have you tried sitting on a desk where your monitor is a little below your eyes? This forces you to slouch, which is not very good for your back, especially if you’re going to sit there for hours. Getting a computer monitor stand will ensure that your screen is within eye level which will hopefully promote good posture as well.


  • Space Saving
  • Aside from elevating your monitors to level your eyesight, having a computer monitor stand can actually bring you comfort when working or playing, and save you space for other things. Rather than having a cramped up desk with your monitor/s, keyboard and mouse touching each other, you will have ample space for each one, making your desk more visually pleasing.


  • Visually Pleasing
  • Speaking of how your desk looks, a good monitor stand should fit your aesthetic. A triple/dual monitor stand usually have a black and silver finish, which makes the desk more appealing to the eyes. The best triple monitor stand would something that matches a sleek, modern style or gives off a professional vibe.

    How to Adjust Tension on Dual Monitor Stand

    Check out this  video to know how to work your way around the Jestik Horizon Monitor Stand in Amazon. In this demonstration, you will learn how to install and set up the monitor stand properly and securely, as well as quick tips on how to adjust, rotate, tilt, etc.

    Apple Monitor Stand

    Read on to know how to remove the stand off an apple monitor and know the answer to the question, “why is the new apple monitor stand so expensive?”

    In relation to looking for the best monitor stand, let's shift our focus to the Apple Monitor Stand. It is widely known how expensive the brand is and their monitor stand is no exemption. Does this mean that a high price determines its quality? Why is the Apple monitor stand so expensive?

    It's undeniably beautiful with its modern and sleek design, which is a given when it's an Apple product. It can also tilt up to 25 degrees and easily tilt to portrait mode , while supporting everything in place. That's about it, and it's worth $999. Would you buy it knowing that you can get the same features with a much cheaper price. Other sources say that it's an Apple trend to upsell attractive tech that actually doesn't do much for users.

    People have different preferences, so maybe there may be a few people who might still give this a try. However, a lot of tech savvy individuals, even Apple loyalists, just can't wrap their heads around a $999 monitor stand when you can get  an equally functional monitor stand for a lesser price.

    How to Remove the Stand off an Apple Monitor

    To remove the stand, make sure to turn off the computer and disconnect all cords and cables first. Hold the stand base and push gently on the top of the monitor so the screen rotates down. Insert the access card from the adapter kit in the space above the stand. 


    Next is to push the top of the monitor forward so the screen rotates further down. Make sure to stop when you see the heads of the 8 screws and the stand locks into place. Only when the stand locks into position can you hold it by its sides as you lay it down. 


    Lastly, insert the TORX tool into one of the screw heads on the back of the iMac monitor. Turn the tool counterclockwise until the screw comes out and repeat with the other screws. Lift the stand up from the back of the computer to remove it and that's it.


    Computer Monitor Stand

    As you go searching for the best computer monitor stand for desk in the market, you should also understand why it’s important for you to purchase it. Why buy an adjustable computer monitor stand? 


    With all that said, let’s dig a little deeper into this and discover the 3 major benefits of using a monitor stand.


  • Improves Work Efficiency
  • It can be a waste of time having all your workload in one monitor alone and having to switch back and forth between windows and tabs to complete a task. Having 2-3 monitors and a monitor mound, you can seamlessly spread out your work evenly and arrange them to your advantage.


    In addition to that, this allows an individual to enhance their focus because working is much more comfortable. Having a nice workstation allows you to go beyond your field of vision, making you more creative and overlook distractions.


  • Reduces Pain and Strain
  • Surely you understand the difficulty of spending hours at your desk lost in working on a project or in an intense game, and feeling neck pain and eye strain along the way. Allow a monitor stand to help you with that problem, by keeping your monitors within eye level and easy to adjust to your needs. 


    To do so, rotate your monitor to the right placement and tilt it up or down to your preferred angle. Doing this will help you sit comfortably and make working or gaming easier on your eyes and neck. You'll thank yourself later.


  • Improves Posture
  • Working or playing for eyes can lead to eventually slouching or leaning which will develop improper posture in the long run. With the help of a monitor stand, you will be able to align your monitors with your height whether you are seated or when you're standing. You won't even notice it but it will affect how you sit and stand properly without worrying about back pain.

  • Enhances Visual Appearance
  • Having a well-organized workspace or gaming station is visually pleasing to the eyes. This is important when you have visitors or clients around so you can give a good impression. It looks good and professional, and sometimes makes you excited to sit and work/play for hours.

    Triple Monitor Stand

    With all that said, Jestik Horizon’s adjustable computer monitor stand is perfect for gamers, graphic designers, software & web developers, IT specialists, photo & editors, and many more. Get the best triple monitor stand from Jestik Horizon.


    Here's why you should get the Jestik Horizon Monitor Stand in Amazon!


    Bringing you comfort and convenience, this triple monitor stand has a space saving design and a 360-degree turn feature for you to set it up exactly the way you want it from position to angles.


    It has fully customizable features that will allow you to adjust your view. You will be able to tilt, swivel, rotate and switch orientation very easily. This monitor stand also has the quick release feature which gives you the freedom and ease to swap monitors seamlessly without going through the hassle of disassembling and reassembling. Aside from that, you will be able to incorporate organization in your desk arrange with its effective cable management system. It can help you keep unsightly wires. 


    Another feature that is worth your attention is their anti-theft kit which protects and ensures that your monitors stay exactly where you set them up. This computer monitor stand also possesses a heavy duty industrial grade base that allows everything to stay firmly flat on your desk.

    Jestik Horizon is committed to providing you with only the best products and care even after your purchase. If you are unsatisfied, the Jestik VIP Warranty will allow you a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee and a 30-day money back guarantee. That only goes to show how proud we are with what we have to offer. The Jestik Horizon Triple Monitor Stand in Amazon truly has everything you've been looking for in a multiple monitor mount — it's the perfect solution for your work and gaming station!