Jestik Unveils New, Redesigned Website

Jestik Unveils New, Redesigned Website

Jestik Unveils New, Redesigned Website

We’re excited to announce that Jestik, Inc., premium provider of modern ergonomics solutions, is officially launching their new and improved Shopify website.

With a goal of making quality ergonomic products accessible, Jestik’s new, redesigned website is powered by eCommerce giant, Shopify. The result is a vastly improved website that’s clear, informative and visually engaging.

But before we take you to what’s new, let’s take a quick look back.

A Bit of Jestik’s History

Formerly known as Mounted Concepts, Jestik’s humble beginnings began in 2009. Focused on the quality of their products and to always stay ahead of their competitors, Jestik has continued to serve their clients with top rated, durable and functional ergonomic products.

Jestik has achieved this by working only with an expert team to ensure that all products meet only the most rigorous of standards and of course, by offering fabulous customer service. Even with its new look, Jestik remains true to its core – providing not only quality products but by delighting their customers with 100% customer satisfaction.

Now fast forward to 2016. Here’s a quick overview of the new Jestik website.

Jestik’s keen eye for innovative products and trends in ergonomics solutions has lead them to conceptualize a new website. Choosing to harness the myriad of benefits offered by Shopify, it was a match made in eCommerce heaven.

Jestik + Shopify = A Redefined Shopping Experience

“To shop online with confidence, ease of use, an engaging shopping experience coupled with our high quality of service – that’s what we wanted to shine through from our website. We want to let customers know that we’re more than just an online ergonomics store. And I think we certainly achieved that.”

Chris Greiner, CEO, Jestik Inc.

Much like walking into a brand new store, customers are immediately welcomed with fresh look and feel of the new Jestik Shopify store. At a glance, its visually-engaging homepage immediately provides customers with much needed information even before searching for products. The product pages are also streamlined to provide quick views, images and videos of the products itself as well as useful information and specs that’s easy to read and understand.

Even with its spiffy new look, features that Jestik customers have come to love are still here. Free shipping is certainly a crowd favorite as well as their easy returns and replacements through Jestik’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty.

What’s new is the Jestik VIP Warranty. Vowing to commit the highest quality of service to its customers, the VIP Warranty ensures hassle-free customer care after each and every purchase.

Powered by Shopify’s ironclad website security, shoppers will remain confident that all their information is highly protected and that all transactions are securely monitored.

Finally, the new website boasts of the fact that Jestik’s products have certainly come a long way. You will find the usual robust selection of ergonomic solutions that not only provide a professional look to your work or gaming space but are also highly durable and functional. You will also find that Jestik’s new products have become more innovative to match current trends in both the work and gaming environments.

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