Seven Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desk

Seven Benefits of Adjustable Standing Desk

Maybe you have heard some of the buzz that is circling around the world of adjustable standing desks. But what is all of this fuss? People are buying products now that will help them…stand? Granted, it sounds a little bit strange, but the fact of the mater is that is that there are lots and lots of benefits to an
adjustable standing desk.

Today we aim to highlight seven of them. Read on for a guide to seven benefits of standing adjustable desks.

1.) May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
Have you heard the phrase sitting is the new smoking? It’s frightening enough to almost give you a heart attack isn’t it? But there really is something to it. Humans were not designed to sit for eight hours, then go home and sleep for another eight.

And let’s face it, you are probably sitting for most of your other waking hours as well.

But people are at their healthiest when they are active. The standing adjustable desk gets you on your feet so that you can enjoy a lowered risk of heart disease.

2.) You will lose weight
Ok, we can’t actually promise you will lose weight because we aren’t your doctor. But the truth? You almost definitely will.

Why? Standing burns a lot more calories then sitting. In fact, standing for eight hours a day will help you to burn about twice as many as sitting. The actual number will vary, but comes out to close to one thousand a day.

That’s a lot of calories.

3.) May Lower Your Blood Sugar
Here is another thing to keep in mind: blood sugar. Whether you have diabetes, or just don’t want to get it, maintaining a healthy level of blood sugar is important.

It makes sense if you think about it. A sedentary lifestyle will increase your chances of diabetes by more than one hundred percent.

That makes the benefits of standing for awhile at work well worth it, right?

4.) Say Bye Bye to Back Pain
Sitting down for long periods of time is also often associated with back pain. Why? Because the vast majority of us just don’t sit right. Maybe you start out keeping an arched back but eventually, you slump over into the crescent shaped hunched position that will wreak havoc on the health of your back.

5.) You will feel better…Emotionally!
Have you ever felt that your mood needs a little bit of a boost at work? If so, that is another reason to think about getting an adjustable standing desk. Nearly ninety percent of adjustable standing desk users report experiencing higher energy levels, and better moods when they stand at work.

Let’s be real. Pretty much all of us could use a little bit of that at work.

6.) There are lots of options
It is also worth mentioning that there are lots of options. Adjustable standing desks come in the form of mounts, or full on pieces of furniture. As a result, there are enough designs to suit any sense of style. They also can range significantly in price. There are options that are under $100, and others that are considerably more expensive.

In short, there is something for everyone.

7.) They Adjust
You got that from the name, right? One of the nicest things about the standing adjustable desks is, in fact that they adjust. This means that people of every height can use them. It also means that, if you get tired of standing, you can easily transition back into the sitting position.

Lower risk of diabetes, back pain, and heart disease? What else do you need to know? Just about everyone can benefit from using an adjustable standing desk, so don’t hesitate. Try one soon.