Top Ergonomic Keyboard Trays of 2023

Top Ergonomic Keyboard Trays of 2023

Suffering from discomfort and injuries due to hours of typing or gaming? Check how a keyboard tray can help you reduce or avoid these issues.


Typing or gaming for hours can be quite strenuous, exhausting, and stressful. Unchecked, it could lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress injury. Proper typing posture is essential and can be achieved using an ergonomic keyboard tray installed on your desk.

What is a Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray is a computer accessory you can set up on your table. It’s a secondary platform enables you to adjust or position your mouse and keyboard independently from your desk. Keyboard trays can be disengaged from the desk or slid under when not in use.

A keyboard tray for a keyboard and mouse makes typing healthier, better, and more comfortable.

Top Keyboard Trays

Here are our top-selling keyboard trays for desktop computers.

Workrite Banana Board Keyboard Tray

The Workrite Banana Board Keyboard Tray is an ergonomic keyboard tray that works with both straight edges and corners. It can fit conveniently right under your desk.


  • ergonomic design
  • a kit to manage messy cables
  • built-in document holder
  • swivel reversible mouse tray, which can be positioned on either side. Ideal for either left or right-handed users
  • removable memory foam palm support
  • auto-lock mechanism

Humanscale 6G Under Desk Keyboard Tray System

The Humanscale 6G Under Desk Keyboard Tray System allows you to work in a healthy, neutral, and relaxed typing position.


  • separate trays for keyboard and mouse. Raised mouse tray
  • adjustable negative tilting via a dial system
  • adjustable height with no locks, controls, or levers
  • raised tilt mechanism to prevent the keyboard from hitting and bumping with the desk edge
  • thin profile for optimal knee clearance
  • durable and lightweight

What to consider when choosing a keyboard tray?

Here are some tips for choosing the right keyboard tray for you.

  • Make sure the tray can fit on your desk, especially if you’re choosing an under desk keyboard tray.
  • The tray should be big enough for your keyboard and mouse.
  • Choose a sturdy tray since it will need to carry the weight of your hands. Cheap, flimsy ones can easily break.
  • The more adjustability the tray has, the better. You can position the tray---and thus your keyboard and mouse setup---whatever way you want.
  • If possible, choose a keyboard tray with ergonomic features such as tilting and palm-rest cushions.
  • Take note of the installation procedure. Some require that you make modifications to your table, which could alter or damage the latter.

Common Ways to Install a Keyboard Tray

Each brand or model of keyboard tray has its method of installation. Let’s list down some of them.
  • Clipping the keyboard tray on the table via a rotating clamp
  • Attaching the keyboard tray to the table permanently via screw
  • Installing drawer slides for a sliding keyboard tray
  • Installing anchor points for foldaway keyboard trays
Check the manual for specific instructions on how to install yours.


Is it necessary for you to buy any of these keyboard trays? While some may say it’s optional, we’d like you to reconsider. A keyboard tray helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injury. It also encourages the user to maintain a proper typing posture. It’s a great and useful accessory for your use.

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