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Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

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The Kangaroo is a single monitor full sized unit. It is designed with a shelf to hold a laptop or a monitor with the monitor base attached, which can be moved independently from the work surface. It’s solid steel base plate makes it very stable. This height adjustable desk top comes with a stabilization leg for maximum stability when using it standing position.



Weight capacity

1 laptop or monitor up to 15 lbs

Platform Size

28" W x 24" D

Platform Height Adjustment

16.5" above your desk

Display Shelf Size

16" D x 9.25" W

Shelf Height Adjustment



Solid steel plate, 17.5" W x 16" D




  • Monitor shelf has 6.5" of adjustment independent from the work surface.
  • Stopping bolt feature locks location of main work surface.
  • Main work surface is adjustable 16.5" above your desk.