Jestik Announces Official Launch of the New Jestik Trinity Dual and Triple Monitor Mount

Jestik Announces Official Launch of the New Jestik Trinity Dual and Triple Monitor Mount

Jestik, Inc., premier nationwide provider of modern ergonomics solution adds another top quality product to their superior line of monitor mounts – the all-new Jestik Trinity Dual and Triple Monitor Mount.

San Marino, CA - July 2016

Jestik Inc. is coming in fast and strong. Together with the recent launch of their hot, new Shopify-powered website, they also introduce to their customer base some premium additions to their growing line of monitor mounts.

The latest of which is the Jestik Trinity Dual and Triple Monitor Mount, a strong, solidly built dual and triple monitor mount that can support up to three 27” monitors (triple capacity) or up to two 32” monitors (dual capacity). Equipped with 75x75mm and 100x100mm mounting hole patterns, it is VESA Compliant. Featuring interchangeable mounting options, an efficient cable management system, a smooth vertical adjustment and 360° views, it is Jestik’s most versatile monitor mount yet.

“We listen to our customer’s needs and we respond by coming up with highly versatile products. The Jestik Trinity offers the sort of versatility and durability that multiple monitor users will love – whatever industry they might belong to.”

- Chris Greiner, CEO, Jestik Inc.

A leading provider of modern ergonomic solutions, Jestik has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in 2009. Today, their product line and loyal customer base has grown considerably through the years. Their ingredients to success are simple – an old-school, customer-focused business mentality coupled with new-school, innovative and high quality ergonomic products.

With the Jestik Trinity Dual and Triple Monitor Mount, customers can expect the same kind of durability and functionality present in all Jestik products however; the Jestik Trinity offers versatility like no other. Designed to meet the most rigorous quality standards, it is able to withstand intense daily use. It boasts of durability like no other, assuring customers that its performance on the day it is purchased will only become better in the years to come.

The Jestik Trinity also comes with an efficient cable management system that will allow users to declutter their work and gaming space and keeping it free from physical hazards by hiding and organizing wires. Its fully customizable features makes sharing screens with colleagues or clients smooth and easy, as users can tilt, swivel and rotate in a few swift motions.

The product is enhanced even more with Jestik’s Free Shipping, 30-day Money Back Guarantee, 1 year Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty and the Jestik VIP Warranty – promising customers of the best care possible. In fact, all of Jestik’s products are covered with all those added benefits, making shopping with Jestik a great experience.

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