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Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser

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Slim, sleek and transforming your desk into an ergonomic haven, the Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser raises your monitor or laptop to new heights, saving desk space and making room for all your work essentials.  Equipped with a large, solid and fully height-adjustable base with a smooth, high-grade tempered glass surface that can provide secure support for a weight capacity of up to 20kg./44lbs., it also exudes a modern, stylish design - making your desk look and feel clean, uncluttered and professional.

Don't be fooled by its sleek profile. The Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser is designed for lasting durability. Built from high-grade materials, its strong, anti-slip silicone base secures your monitor or laptop, keeps it in place and prevents from slipping or falling.

Not only does raising your monitor make your work space look great, it also allows you to get the most comfortable viewing position possible, reducing eye-strain, neck pain, back pain and other body pains associated with prolonged or uncomfortable sitting.

Make work easier. Make life easier. Make it Jestik. Buy the Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser today.

  • RAISE YOUR MONITOR TO NEW HEIGHTS. Rise to the occasion and let your monitor rise with you. Raise it up with the Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser. It's smooth, tempered-glass surface is capable of supporting a weight capacity of up to 20kg./44lbs. and featuring full height adjustment, this monitor riser lets you view your monitor or laptop at your most comfortable viewing position.
  • TRUE ERGONOMICS WITH JUST ONE PURCHASE. Reducing glare, eye-strain, neck pain, back pain and all other work-related health issues, the Jestik Class Tabletop Riser transforms your work space into a relaxing, healthy haven of productivity.
  • WORK IS YOUR OYSTER, MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DESK SPACE. Your desk space is very valuable. Reduce clutter and make room for what matters with the Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser. By elevating your monitor, this monitor riser creates ample space beneath so you'll have more room for your work essentials: tablet, phone and other work-related supplies/accessories.
  • POSITION YOUR MONITOR SECURELY YET STYLISHLY. Slim and sophisticated, but don't be deceived by its sleek design. Far from flimsy, the Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser is designed for lasting durability. Built with high-grade materials and designed with a tempered-glass surface, its base is equipped with anti-slip silicone pads that offer secure support to your monitor or laptop.
  • PATENTED DESIGN, DURABLE WORKMANSHIP, GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. The Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser features a patented design that focuses on what is best for the human body. By elevating your laptop to the right height, you can say goodbye to stressful work days. Jestik also works hard to provide you with ergonomic work essentials that are durable and guaranteed to last. The Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser is certainly no exception. Buy one now and experience the Jestik difference.

Technical Specifications

• Material: Steel, Plastic, Glass
• Product Size: 560 x 210 x 80mm (22 x 8.26 x 0.20 inches)
• Max.Load: 20 kg / 40 lbs
• Glass Thickness: 5mm
• Suggested Screen Size: 13-32"

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Jestik Classy Tabletop Riser