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Jestik Shift Ultra Slim Sit Stand Workstation (PRE ORDER NOW)

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Would you want to accomplish work in a more relax and comfortable way?  How about meeting the deadline without any snag of settling yourself in front of your monitor or laptop? 

Think of Jestik...Let's then foresee what's Jestik got to do with making work easier and life much simple.

A sleek, light and elegant looking desk revamps your working area into an ergonomic treat with the JESTIK AIR ULTRA SIT STAND WORKSTATION.  Let's go to the basics first - the table is a 30-inch high density polyethylene made and designed for strength and stability which highlights the adjustable height settings from 1.2 inch to 15.7 inch for versatile use.  Next best thing to offer, frame design folds flat for easy bin and protected with powder coated, weather-resistant finish as you get to work anytime at any place, would it be indoor or outdoor!

Have fun with work, go easy with your working place.  Acquire JESTIK SHIFT ULTRA SLIM SIT STAND WORKSTATION.

    • ADJUST YOUR MONITOR TO ANY HEIGHT YOU WANT. Desk can go up and down with the quick release side lock to any height adjustment of up to 1.2 to 15.7 inches letting you view your laptop or monitor at your coziest.

    • MAKE SURE IT’S WATERPROOF and RUBBER PADDED. Yes, it has an increased protection against liquid spills as it offers longer life and years of use and protects desktop from scratch and scuffs.

    • GENUINE DESIGN, REAL SATISFACTION. Table emphasizes a design that provides best for you.  Full and easy height adjustable, durable and guaranteed to last, you can say hello to stress-free work.

    • WORK IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER, PARTNER IT WITH DEDICATION AND COMFORTABILITY.  Lastly, workplace is the most important thing as to work at your best and get you through the day.

      Technical Specifications

    • Desktop Thickness: 8mm (0.31")
    • Color: White
    • Range: 32~400mm (1.3"~15.7")




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      Jestik Shift Ultra Slim Sit Stand Workstation (PRE ORDER NOW)